Fruittastic Refresh Smoothie

I love making (and of course drinking) smoothies. I have always thought that homemade smoothies are the best. Homemade smoothies are cheaper and often more healthy then the store bought ones, while still being delicious (at least the ones I make without all that veggie stuff). 
In this recipe the only form of added sugar is, the mango sorbet. It is not required but encouraged to use frozen fruit because it adds a texture to your smoothie that adds to the ice. It is very easy to replace ingredients with other ingredients if you donโ€™t have some (although it might not be quite as good). For example, you could replace milk with yogurt. Here are my favorite ingredients!

- mango sorbet (or any flavors that match your added fruit)
- milk
- assortment of frozen fruit (any frozen berries/fruit that you like)
- ice
- apple sauce (adds a flavor but is not overwhelming)
- banana

I would definitely recommend using these secret ingredients! Let me know in the comments if you try it, and how it turns out!

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