Homemade Pizza

For a school assignment (6th grade) in my FACS class ( a class were you cook, sew, and learn daily life skills), we learned about pizza, and how to make it homemade.

I also learned how many ways there are to make it. From my own experience, I know that there is thin crust, giant crust, regular crust, soft crust, crunchy crust, and definitely even more.

So what a better time than in quarantine learning about pizza than to make my family homemade pizza?! Did you know, out of every 100 restaurants in the US, 17 are pizzerias?!

I got our crust recipe from our Betty Crocker cook book. After looking online for some pizza topping ideas, I finally landed on a twisted Hawaiian pizza. This is how it turned out, but I promise it tasted even better it looks!

My pizza had pineapple, Canadian bacon, bacon, of course cheese and a red sauce. Although I would get laughed at by many Italians for putting pineapple on pizza, I have to say that this was great! The pizza was so good. I definitely recommend that you make it, especially if you want to do a ‘make your own pizza’ night, or you’re in quarantine and the pizza restaurants don’t deliver. Stay safe, and happy!

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