Good Friends, Good Food, and Good Times @Colorado

My cousins, Aunt, and Uncle came to visit my family for a Forth of July weekend. We were able to go crabing, paddle boarding, relax, and go jet skieng. For our eavning on the 4th, we all lit our own fireworks and had a crab and rib feast (no one went to bed hungry)!

The next day, I flew with my cousins to Colorado! Before I know it, I was walking around the city of Denver, Colorado with my cousin.

We were able to go to a really good breakfast spot called, The Green Collective! Where I got an order that included 3 toasts of my choice. I choose, their original avocado toast, Colorado lox toast, and whipped goat toast. It was so GOOD!

We were soon venturing through the city, where we saw cool street art.

We new that if I saw a boba place, that would have to be our next stop, and to my luck we did. We stopped at a unique boba spot called, Tea Station. We’re they had many options of boba that even I had never heard of (like jelly ice). If you didn’t know, boba is a really filling drink, so that was my lunch.

Next stop was dinner, where we went to a rooftop restaurant, which had a great view.

We had to end this great day with ice cream! So we drove to a shop called Little Man Ice Cream. Their ice cream was really good and they had an unusual assortment of flavors.

I spent the rest of my trip in Boulder, Colorado. Where I kept a weeks streak of ice cream every day, ate well, shopped well, and sight saw well, all with great friends! Cheers to, another successful trip!!

Thank you to all who helped this travel be awesome!

Enjoy my photo dump!

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  1. Thanks Izzy for another of your blogs, we always enjoy your fun&informative travels,you have a great way telling a travel story??

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