Turkey Hill Experience

During a break from school in the fall (2019), a few friends and I went to Turkey Hill. Turkey Hill is a ice cream company in Pennsylvania. In many grocery stores you can see their ice cream, with many different flavors. But, they don’t only produce ice cream. They also have a museum/experience, where they show how they make/produce their ice cream, and what it tastes like. Turkey Hill, has recently began starting a tea business, as well.

In Turkey Hill, you get to have infinite mini ice cream tasting cups. That means you get as much ice cream as you want. For an ice cream lover like me this is amazing. Turkey Hill, also has an ice cream lab. What is this you ask? This is a lab, where you choose a base ice cream flavor (chocolate or vanilla) and you will get a pint of this flavor of ice cream and add flavors, toppings and icing/drizzle to it. (If you go here, keep note not to add too many flavors.)

For Turkey Hill’s tea, while walking through their museum/experience you will see a taste bar of tea and iced tea. You may also (if you ask while buying your tickets,) get a tea tasting and learning class. Where, you learn how the tea is made, where it originates (is from), what it tastes like, and many more tea facts. I like tea and iced tea, so I really enjoyed this and hope to do it again.

Thank you Turkey Hill for this experience, and I hope to return.

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