Back in Naxos, Greece

As you may have already learned, I go to Naxos, Greece every summer. Naxos is a small Greek islands of of Greece. Where my friend and I have gone together for the past 4 years. Naxos was great and always the perfect temperature to go to the beach and either swim or relax. On the beach that I go to (Plaka beach), there is an amazing restaurant. The restaurant is called Picasso. Picasso is right on the beach and they can bring you drinks and snacks.

This year my mom was able to join my dad and I. We spent a little over a week there and enjoyed relaxing and having some adventures. This year I started wind surfing lessons. We also hunted for Naxos ‘eyes’ that are local shells.

I would say that the best place to stay at is Athina Studios. The staff are sooo nice and the rooms and pool are GREAT! They also have a restaurant which is good, but I prefer the ones next door: picasso (mexican food)




Strawberry vergin moijto on the beach

Amore Mio (Italian food)


Cedar cafe (lunch),

Jan’s Salmon & Deli (fresh fish)








Yazoo (Greek




and ManolisTavern (Greek)




Athina Studios is next to every thing (including the beach). (No need for a car.)

Thank you, Naxos! For a great vacation. Hope to visit soon.



Of to my next adventure…

One thought on “Back in Naxos, Greece

  1. What a neat place! When your great grandmother went on a Europe tour Greece was her favorite! If you go back can u get me some shells?

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