Three Greek Islands

On June 24 2018 my dad and I left to Mykonos for two days. The place that we stayed at was called Ilio Maris: Our place had a great view of the Aegean Sea and sunset. The first day we where there we relaxed at the pool and for dinner we went out for sushi. The sushi place was called Sushi Med: The sushi was good and worth the trip. The place was not busy. They had great customer service and where very kind. The next day we went to a rocky beach and beside it was

In the middle of the day we took a fairy over to Naxos, Greece. Where we stayed with my friend for 1 week. (7 days) It was our 3rd year in Naxos with the same friend and staying at the same place. The place was In Athina’s place we enjoy our trip while being right next to the sandy Plaka Beach. She also provides free snacks and is now running a restaurant. Next to Athina’s are a couple restaurants. The first place is Yazoo which unfortunately does not have a website. Yazoo also has a gift shop run by the owner’s wife. The gift shop has things for the beach like shovels and beach balls but also has food like Oreos and they also have accessories like hats and necklaces.

The next place is Souvlucky is a Greek food and also the name of the place.

Then we have, The name is Piccasso. Picasso serves Mexican. The place is a family run business. Picasso also serves food on the beach.

Next up is Cedar Cafe which does not have a website either. Cedar is my favorite restaurant but is sadly only a lunch place, for us. Dinners are great for romantic nights out. After that is JAN’s Salmon and Deli. And Jan’s does not have a website either but the restaurant is new. Jan’s is a great view if Plaka Beach. Last is an Italian place called AMORE MIO. Which does not have a website either.

On the last day we said our goodbyes and took a ferry over to Santorini and spent our last two days in Greece there. We stayed at a fairly small hotel called The hotel had a great view of the volcano and of the sunset. For our first dinner we went to and enjoyed the sunset view. The food was good but there service was slow because they where super busy. At this place you must call and make a reservation. Unless they probably won’t have space.

Once our two days where over we took a sailboat tour before heading of to the airport. The tour was relaxing and thought us a lot about Santorini and it’s Coulter. We hade a few stops to go swimming in the sea around the volcano. The boat ride was called Santorini Sailing. The boat served small bites and makes sure that everyone is hungry for food before giving. At the end we had a lunch buffet then it was our choice what we wanted to do individually.

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