On July 4, 2018 my dad and I left (Greece) to spend 11 days in Croatia. My family and I meet up with some old friends (arriving from the US) for lunch in Sibenik. Then we drove up to our house in Srima. Our Airbnb ( was perfect and the hosts were great. For our first night there we enjoyed a fresh homemade Croatian dinner cooked by our hosts.

A few days later we took a break from swimming in the pool, we rented a boat to take us around. We saw a few other islands and swam in totally secluded spots. My dad went diving for sea urchins and brought us back a tasty treat of super fresh urchins.

One of the other days we took a ferry ride out of Split and into to Brac and did a food tour. There, we learned a lot about the history of the island and that they just got running water 40 years ago! We had a great snack at an old olive press. Were we enjoyed olives in several ways. Then we continued the tour and had fantastic Brac lamb chops. We wrapped up the day by swimming on the beach.

For one day we headed down to the water organ in Zadar. Here is a link for the water organs ( While we were in Croatia, the croats had 2 matches in the World Cup. They won both games we watched with the locals, but ended up losing the championship match. Croatia ended with second place.

Once the week was over we drove down to Split for a few days to see family. On the way we went to Krka National Park: ( where you can go swimming in the waterfalls and on beautiful (but busy) hikes. The floor underneath the water of the waterfalls is quite rocky but the water is fresh and clean. If you go and want to swim then I recommend bringing water shoes.

In Split we got to really enjoy the city. The city is defined by the Diocletian’s Palace. On our last day of vacation we went to the top of Diocletian’s Palace or the belltower ( The palace is a very popular place to go in the city. This statue is very popular in Croatia. If you touch the man’s foot they say that you will have luck.

On our way back we stopped at the Bacvice Beach and there we went kayaking and my cousin went on a jet ski.

Croatia is simple and beautiful, but also can busy and loud. Split is a great place to go if you want to visit beautiful busy beaches or small towns.

Did you know that the Croatian people call their country Hrvatska?

In many words, they have a mark above certain letters. When you see the mark, that letter is followed by an ‘h’ sound. So, Brač is pronounced “Brach” and Šibenik is “Shibenik.”

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