Zagreb, Croatia and Slovenia

On February 23 my dad and I arrived in Zagreb, Croatia. We went to see my uncle and to be tourists in Croatia and Slovenia.

When we arrived we went to my uncle’s house, picked him up, and then started our drive out to the Dalmatian coast.

When we arrived we found our rented house and dropped of our stuff (with an easy arrival) and then head out to find a restaurant, because we where hungry. We looked on our digital map and found a close restaurant called, Bistro Marin (Posedarje, Croatia). When we arrived it was fairly late at night and it was dark. When we entered we realized that we where going to be the only ones in the restaurant. We went and had some traditional Croatian food.

The next day, after a good sleep. We headed off to see Zadar and the coast. Our main goal was to drive around and see the water organs. Our first stop was the water organs. We had fun playing music and walking on the “shore”. The organ is a long area of the boardwalk where waves rise and fall pushing air through pipes to make different sounds.

Then we headed off to our second stop of driving around the coast. We loved the views and the water. Here are some beautiful pictures that we took, at the island that we made it to, able to drive via a bridge (the island was called Krk).

For dinner, we had a frozen pizza from the local grocery store. Along with a relaxing game night.

The next day we drove up the coast and then went back to Zagreb and stayed at a airbnb to get to see a different part of Croatia (Zagreb). Which is also the location of where my uncle works (Rimac). (Rimac is a Croatian brand that makes cars and has made the fastest car in the world, that is also electric.)  So, my dad and I visited the Rimac headquarters with my uncle. My dad was able to ride their electric bike (Greyp). That in my mind was a motorcycle that was made to look like a bike.


My uncle stayed at work while my dad and I headed of towards a dinner spot, called Gabreku 1929. When we arrived we were very  surprised to see super Mario brothers decorations all around. We thought that a birthday party was happening or going to happen. After we got situated with a table we ordered. (If you go, the soup portions are VERY large.) This is the desert that I had. It was scrumptious.

The next day, my dad and I left to go to Slovenia for 3 nights. (On our drive to Slovenia we had lots of border issues; parking ticket, wrong boarder crossing, and then a speeding ticket that we were able to avoid paying.)

Once we arrived at our place (1 hour late) we rushed to our meeting point for a food tour that we had planned. The food tour was called LjubljanaNjam food & drink walks. Our tour guide was called Meta. Meta was very nice and brought us to many delicious stops. My favorite thing that we ate was homemade gnocchi with Istrian beef Boškarin and homemade apple juice at the restaurant Altroke. Another stop that I really enjoyed was at Lajbah where we ate pumpkin oil tapas with pumpkin oil degustation (or small samplings).

For dinner we wanted something simple and close and easy. We decided to return to a spot Meta showed us on our tour, Lajbah, it had small and yummy bites.


The next day, we joined in to a free walking tour with a tour guide called Tina. She was nice and taught us lots of great little facts of the city. At the end of the tour Tina recommended to us some close museums and activities that we might possibly want to join. We ended up visiting the illusions museum and I think that it was very interesting and interactive.

Then, we returned to our apartment to clean up. Before our fancy 7 coarse dinner at the castle on a high hill. The restaurant was called Strelec. We LOVED the food! It was so yummy. We had 7 coarses. I loved the spread for the bread. It was AMAZING (if you go here you MUST try it.

The entire meal was very fancy and yet super yummy. The service was also very good, personal and kind.

The next day, we started of with a vegan breakfast at a bistro called Bazilika bistro. It was good, enjoyable and fresh. I recommend their Quiche (it was delicious). We liked it so much that we went again the following morning.


Then, we continued our day by driving down to Lake Bled which is a very popular spot in Slovenia if you search it up. We went inside their castle looking out over the lake and it  had a great view and was cool to look in. At the castle you can do some things that you pay for where YOU get to make it. We decided to get my uncle a bottle of wine as a gift. I was able to fill the bottle from the cask, then put in the cork, then dip the top in wax, and lastly put the label. The monk made a certificate to along with the gift. Then, we walked around the lake that circled the church.

That night we went to another fancy dinner. The restaurant was called  Monstera bistro. At Monstera we had a 7 course meal. Everything was very good and I just can’t pick a favorite.

The food was assembled very well and looked scrumptious. They also had a famous chef there who cooked our meals.

The next day we started our drive back to Croatia.

After we arrived, we picked up my uncle. We realized that we where all hungry so we looked on maps to find some close restaurants. We found one that we had been to before in our last trip to Croatia. It was called the witch of the grich. We loved it just like last time and it was relaxing and yummy. It was a restaurant of local foods with local people.



Next we went to the the museum of broken relationships. This was an  interesting museum filled with break up storeys and objects from the break up. Some where funny and some where sad.  


I had wanted to go to a certain sushi spot ever since I saw it the year before in the magazine (because as you may know, I LOVE sushi). So I convinced my uncle and dad to go to Tekka (the sushi restaurant) with me. It was not as good as I thought that it was going to be and I was a little disappointed. It looked very appetising.


But it just wasn’t good enough quality for my taste (especially for the cost).

On our last day of Croatia we all went on the Zagreb free walking tour, for 2 hours. I liked the tour guide for her humor and stories. She showed us many good stops for ice cream on the way. She also told us many great stories about the square and statues that we passed. Like for example she said that the fountain in the square used to not be there and the town was struggling to find water and everyone was dehydrated. But a man kept trying and eventually he found a water source underground (the fountain) and saved everyone from dehydration.


The next day, we started our journey back home, to Amsterdam. And we knew that we couldn’t wait for our next travel adventures.

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