Poland Day Adventure

On 24-25th of October My dad and I drove to Poland from Lithuania. The trip took some time for only one night, but it was good to see another country. Also, my mom’s side of the family has some Polish heritage. They don’t use the Euro there, their money is called the “Polish zloty” and one zloty is about 0.25 euros.

Before we left Kaunas,we went to a cute and cosy breakfast place. The place is called. We had mini panckes, eggs and a snack of bread.

We drove about 3.5 hours in the middle of the day. We arrived in city of Bialystok. I had to try and select a place for lunch with my dad, but he won and we were on the search for perogies.

We found a Polish restaurant near our hotel. The place was called Restaurant Babka. We got 2 types of perogies and the flavors where delicious (they both had bacon on top). One was wild boar and the other was deer. We also tried a “Hot pocket” that was breaded dough with bacon and mashed potatoes inside. Last we got a pig heart with a side of mashed potato and col slaw. While lunch was good, I think that my dad enjoyed it more than I did.

After lunch, we walked around the old city. We didn’t go inside, but walked the grounds of the Branicki Palace. It was a stunning building that does have tours, but also now part of the university.

For dinner we went to a restaurant inside our hotel, it happened to be the best restaurant in the city. We stayed at Hotel Cristal and their great restaurant was cleverly called Restaurant & Bar Cristal. It was very fancy food. We had a starter of pumpkin soup, buffalo tartar, and a few big chunks of foil gras. Next was a gnocchi with steak and a goat cheese salad. And as a last we had a musherum soup. (We where too full from lunch still for desert.) We loved this restaurant and would love to go back to it.

In the morning, we enjoyed a massive buffet brunch at the hotel. It is so much fun to try small bites of so many things. I really enjoyed the waffle station and fresh juices. However, there was a fitness competition in town and the super fit girls kept looking longingly at my plates of waffles and pancakes :o)

We then headed back north to Lithuania for one last night and the end of our October trip.

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