Lithuania From Izzy’s Perspective

On Oct. 20, 2018 my father and I left to the Baltics, we started in Lithuania. It was a Saturday evening when we arrived. That evening my father and I had a food tour planned with a company called ‘Small Group Food and History Walking Tour’. During the Small Group Food and History Walking Tour we used the transport of walking, it turned out that we were the only ones on the tour. During our walk we saw this cool wall decorated with artworks for people around the world who have a connection with Lithuania.

One stop was, a fancy-ish restaurant. What where we got fish, basil, potato, little shavings of cheese, cooked crunchy lettuce, strawberry, egg with smoked eel and cool black bread. We also learned  about  black bread. It was so delicious. Plus a side of multicolored peppers and dips to go with it. We also went to other stops like an old grocery shop. At the old grocery shop they had a large cheese and charcuterie plate ready for us, again with the black bread. The last stop was going to be some sort of fancy desert place but instead we went to a popular cheese shop with their local cheese (tasted like parmesan) and a few crazy ice cream flavors. Like their aged cheese flavor with fig.

The next day we went on a free walking tour. Right before, despite being cold, we went to an ice cream shop which was great. It was called Soprano. I give it 5 stars.

The brand of this tour was Vilnius Free Walking Tour. The first thing we saw was a cool walk way. It looked like this. img_0839-1During the tour we learned some cool things about the city and the architecture.









This is an old church that we saw and learned about. It is St. Anne’s Church with bricks from 1500s.

Fact: It is Lithuania’s 100 year anniversary a few months before we arrived. They were all celebrating a hundred years of being their own country after separating from Russian control.

At the end of the tour my father and I asked the tour guide to give us a recommendation for lunch. She gave us a few different recommendations. The one we ended up going to was great. We over did it by ordering way too much food – but we had to try the many different (potato based) dishes.

Fact: Potatoes were first introduced to the area because of their pretty flowers. Only after some time did someone finally decide to eat the odd thing growing below ground.

This is a view of the city during sun set that we saw. We saw this view from the Gediminas Castle Tower (originally part of a castle constructed in the 15th century). In this view we also saw the hill of Three Crosses.

We had a road trip around the country and despite being really cold, we stopped at the “Hill of the Crosses”. They say that there are 100,000 crosses. However, to me, it seemed like there was over a million.


That day we arrived in Kaunas. We had a really run ‘tiny house’ for our stay. It was perfect for the two of us. We walked about the city for about 2 hours and saw the Kaunas Castle (built on the Nemunas and Neris rivers in the 14th century).

For dinner we ate at Uoksas, it was a fancy 6 course menu. The evening was my favorite from our week trip. For a starter we both got a dish with mini loaves of bread and butter. After that we got an amuse-bouche from the chef. It was a fried twig, that tasted like a chip with barely any flavor. To drink I had a fancy homemade sparkling lemonade. Then we got a couscous, fish and crunchy onion dish. Next was another amuse-bouche with was a circled cracker with basil dip on it. Next was 2 fish ‘bitterballen’ with a jelly jam on top. Served on a plate filled with pine needles. After that was a fish platter with a creme underneath.  Next was a nut thing with meat on top and a white creme to the side. For dessert we had an artichoke ice cream with meringue on it and sticky jelly on the side. The next dessert was a pumpkin with pumpkin sorbet inside and mascarpone with candied fruit and candied carrots stuck in. All served on a plate with autumn leaves.

For our last night of the trip, we drove back near Vilnius to a resort town called Trakai. There, the highlight was the Trakai Island Castle on Lake Galve. The first stones were put in place in the 14th century and the major work was completed in 1409.

For dinner we ate at our hotel; Apvalaus Stalo Klubas. The restaurant was a pretty fancy place where we were the only ones dining! The first thing we got was an amuse-bouche (a small one bite gift from the chef) which was very good. For a starter we had mushroom soup. The soup was delicious, it was a creme soup. Then I had a fancy mixture of vegetables. While my dad had an asparagus and smoked eel dish. (The smoked eel was really good). Then we got a salmon and cream plate. For dessert I got a dish called “the snow ball”. It was a big cotton candy ball with yummyness hidden inside. My dad had a dish called “river side”. The “river side” was chocolate rocks with granola pieces.


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