Luxemburg Road Trip

On Friday September 28, 2018 I left from school to go on a road trip to Luxunburg. The day after that I had a race for my school cross country team. In the race on the U12 squad, I did 3 kilometers and the U14 squad did 5 kilometers. Of course I was on the U12 team, meaning age 12 and under.

While we were in Luxemburg we stayed at Novotel Luxemburg. I would give Novotel a 5 star rating. Because they where a great host and allowed 60 crazy kids into their hotel. They also allowed us to use half of their restaurant for our pasta dinner. In the Novotel we had to meals including dinner and breakfast which where both buffets.

The rooms where cleaned and a good size. Although it did get a little hot in my room with me and my 2 roommates. We tried to turn down the temperature, but it didn’t get cooler and it stayed too warm.

Later on (after breakfast) we took a 25 minute ride by our private team bus over to a forest for our race of 3 kilometers. It was a great day and perfect weather. I enjoyed my run and met my goal.

After that we drove for 2 hours over to a lunch spot. Where we had lunch. Then we drove 3 more hours and arrived at school at 8:00 PM.

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