Iowa, Ames

On August 4, 2018 my family and I flew into Iowa, Ames and my dads parents (my grandparents) where there to pick us up. (All my grandparents and all of my cousins on my mom’s side live in Iowa). We stayed with my dads parents for two days. The night that we arrived we went to a restaurant called The Great Plains Sauce and Dough Company which is part of my top 2 favorite restaurants in Iowa.

Here’s a link to Great Plains (

Two days later we went to my other grandparents house (my mom’s parents house) for two days. The first day there my grandma, my mom and I went to get our nails done at a place called Crystal Nails. My grandma said that Crystal Nails is her favorite place to get her nails done. I give Crystal Nails 3 stars because the lady who did our nails cut my mom’s nails to short, and did not plan well because she did the fastest first (me), then the second fastest and last she did the longest (taking of gel off then putting on gel). I was done and had to sit and wait too long. On our way back we went to an ice cream place that had rolled ice cream called Sweet Swirls Rolled Ice Cream.

Here’s the link

Later in the week when we were with my dads parents we finally went to my favorite sandwich spot called Down Town Deli.

Here’s a link I give Down Town Deli a 5 star rating. If you go to Down Town Deli then I recommend if they have their cheese soup on the menu, then definitely get it.

The week after that my mom and I went to the Iowa State Fair to watch Jim Gaffigan (who is a comedian).

The next day my family and I went back to the Iowa State Fair for a whole day of fun. The State Fair is a very fun place that I would recommend going to if you are in Iowa in the month of August, there is so much to see and do.

On our last full day of Iowa all of my grandparents and the family of my uncle came down to a farm owned by my dads parents. At the farm we grilled out hamburgers, sausages and marshmallows. We also got to ride four wheelers.

Here are some of my favorite things about Iowa. Corn dogs,

Iowa State Fair, Down Town Deli, Great Plains, bacon, sweet corn, pork tenderloin and BLTs.

I love Iowa!

Best tenderloin in Iowa

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