Disney World

Before the trip I had know idea that I was going to fly to Disney World, Florida. This is how they surprised me, it was two day till we flew out. My parents said “How about you open this as an early Christmas present. The first present was a Disney World ornament. The second was a Mickey Mouse hat that had reindeer antlers that had little lights on them that you could turn on and off. Then they enthusiastically screamed “where going to Disney World and not just any it’s the Florida Disney World!” Then I screamed yay!” Then with a puzzled look on my face I asked “will Mimi be there? Then they replied and said “Know.” I was slightly upset but I did not say it out loud. PS. Mimi is my best friend ever!

When me and my family arrived I noticed that Mimi and here family were relaxing as if they where in a lounge waiting for a tea party. As sone as we noticed each other we ran to each other gave a big hug and an enormous smile appeared on both of our faces. Then ran of to play.

The first part of Disney we went to was Animal Kingdom. While we were walk in we saw that there was a Lion King show/festival. It was super cool! One person had a stick that was lit with fire on both two sides of the stick and balanced it on his face. I was mostly a show of acrobatics.

The next ride was the Safari Ride. These are some facts I learnt on the ride. There is a black bird that is black but in Serrano seasons it turns pink. Greater Kudu can jump 7 to 8 feet high. Giraffes have the same amount of vertices as a human. An animal called wild beast fertilizes the ground while he’s walking. The reason flamingos are pink is because they eat a lot of shrimp which has certain chemicals that turns them pink. Cheetahs can go from 0 to 60 speed in three seconds! Lions can spend 18 hours a day sleeping. Ostriches have wings but the reason they can’t fly is because they’re too heavy.

The next day was Magic Kingdom. Magic Kingdom had all the rides. I you go to Disney and you like rides then you should go to Magic Kingdom. The next day was a relaxing day where we played in our pool played the game pool and played the game foos ball.

Then the last stop was Epcot the kingdom of Coulter. Here different parts of the kingdom where different places like China Japan Germany etc. The first ride we took was Space ship earth which was the most popular ride because it was in the big globe thing that if you look at pictures of Epcot your pricey that big love and think it’s Epcot but it isn’t that’s actually one ride. This ride is really cool because it takes a photo of you and then at the end it brings you to certain places in the future so you can pick what parts of the future you want. And what parts you would want to change. If you go to Epcot there are some shows that you will pass while your walking around I would recommend to stay and watch them because that was one of my favorite parts of Disney World was to watch the shows I would give a five out of five.

Staying tune because the next post is about Atlanta!

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