England Adventures

November 2017

Have you ever wondered what Whales/Cardiff  or England is or looks like? Well I have. This trip that I have just taken to England was actually the first time I had ever been to England. This is the story! My dad and me were going to have a trip to England So we went. Me and my dad flew over to England. It was around evening when we arrived. The day after we arrived my mom showed up. My mom flew over from the U.S.A. About five minutes after she showed up at our hotel we went straight over to a WRU rugby practice. A rugby practice is when rugby trainers are practicing for a big game and fans or sponsors can go. At the end I got every players autograph. After practice me and my family went over to a cool looking pub called ZERODEGREES! One of the reasons it was cool in there is because it had huge barrels of beer. The second cool thing was they had a food elevator. A food elevator is a elevator that is small so adults can not fit in. Then the elevator brings food down from an upstairs kitchen.

The next day my family and I went to a real rugby match with thousands of people and sense my mom works for Under Armour we got a special booth. One epic thing was that first we got free tickets, second I got the game ball witch means the ball that they used for that rugby match and it was signed by the two captions of the teams! Third, my mom got to give the trophy to the winning team in front of everyone in the stadium.

After the match we went to the closest castle in town. and just reminding you whales is known for castles. In the castle all the gold is real. The first room I went into there was an only boy/men smoking room. In the mens room I don’t think the wifes of the men knew that they where smoking because in the room there were a bunch of secret doors to places to hid drugs, alcohol and cigarettes! The next room was a nursery and in the nursery there was a painting of a group of kids and the really sad thing about the painting was that one girl in it had one leg shorter than the other which made it very painful for the girl to walk. In the dining room there was a painting the explained a story and the story is that there was a king and it was time for him to give up the throne because he was to old but he did not want his daughter to be the rightful heir to be queen so he made here cousin who was a boy be king. But she did not like, that so the girl forced a war and she won back here spot and became queen. In the top bed room the ceiling was highly decorated because the person who slept in there had a certain belief. In a relax room the rain would go into the room and have visible pipes to make it look pretty. The fountain cost the same amount of money as a whole school.

Later we went to the wall and we went to a cool shop in there called SMIGGLE which had scented school stuff and other toys. SMIGGLE is only in England, so if wanted to get or see the shop than they have a website called smiggle.com! After Smiggle we went back to the hotel and relaxed for about 2 hours. After the rest my family and I headed down to a really interesting restaurant. The reason it was so incredible was because prisoners from a jail would serve and cook the food for us. When we sat down we noticed that there where these poppers that you would pull open and there would be a surprise and two funny facts. What we ordered was Thanksgiving themed. Because it was stuff like turkey, pig in a blanket, etc. As usual we ordered way to much food but it was not all our fault because we got a huge plate of food, which we did not order. The restaurant was called the CLINK restaurant!

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