Portuguese Cooking Class

About every other Saturday I go to a Portuguese cooking class. In cooking class we where cooking blondes, 2 types of paninis and butter nut squash soup. IMG_1416.jpgIMG_1423.jpgIMG_1421.jpgIMG_1409.jpgThese are some pictures of some stems and some acomplicments I did while I was cooking. The picture you see right above is actually sizzling hot butter. And the butter is just normal butter. Right above that is butter nut squash soup. The yellow chunks in the soup is the squash. Second from the top is one type of panini. And at the top is blondes. If you don’t know what a blonde is than read this. A blonde is a type of brownie just not as much chocolate. But also for this one we used white chocolate.

One thought on “Portuguese Cooking Class

  1. I haven’t finished reading everything yet(need to get to bed),but tomorrow I”ll finish. I really enjoy reading about all your adventures,and experiences in different foods.Can’t wait to read more tomorrow 🤗


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