A new way to eat eggs

This is the first thing I have posted on my blog. I am a kid my friends call me Izzy. If you like to cook, travel or/and eat this is the blog for you. This first post is half about me half about a new way to eat eggs. Enough about me lets talk about eggs! This is actually my favorite way to eat eggs.

What is it? This is a sunny side up style of an egg with drizzled balsamic glaze vinegar. For me the thickest balsamic glaze is my favorite because of it’s flavor and taste. But again I would drink balsamic glaze like a glass of water. I would definitely recommend this to you!

5 thoughts on “A new way to eat eggs

  1. Izzy, It is exciting to read about the places you have visited and the food you have tried. Love, Grandma and Grandpa


  2. Izzy, I cannot wait to read about all of your (delicious) adventures! I hope you can help our family decide which places are fun for kids, and what they should plan to see and eat!

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